Looking for instructions for the use of the drop Messenger?

In the iOS platform,SMS spam has been a headache problem,From iOS 11 Start,Apple opened up SMS filtering interface,Pocketed messenger was born。

clean、Clean pocketed messenger configuration interface。

Precise coordination and regular expressions,Since SMS filtering which refers to what is no longer playing。

Thanks to regular expressions precise and efficient,You can easily lock the contents do not wish to receive,Once the match,This strange number of letters no longer trigger reminders,Interrupt your work。


Regular Expressions smart tips


Safety,Than anything else。

LogSMS all run offline,Not any built-in filter rule,Not networked。You can easily back up、Switching the global rule configuration,More commendable is,By the lgCloud,You can also share your own configuration to others,Or get the configuration of other users sharing。


Do not use regular expressions? It does not matter,Add keywords you do not want to see the default filter list,Pocketed messenger to help you complete all the other jobs。