Drop Messenger Instructions for use

Drop Messenger is a SMS filtering gadget that supports regular expressions,You can even make a regular match for the sender of a text message, the phone number face.。

of course,It doesn't matter if you don't even know what a "regular (regular expression)" is.,Enter keywords directly,The drop messenger is just as normal to use.。


Even if you install and enable the drop Messenger,If the sender's cell phone number exists in your address book,,Then the drop messenger is filtered with "No permissions."。

If you do not enable drop Messenger for content filters in system settings,Then the drop Messenger won't be able to read your new text messages and filter them.。

Even if you normally enable the drop Messenger,,Text messages that "have been received" will not be processed and filtered,Other words,New text messages will only be filtered.。

If a mobile phone number,You've replied to text messages many times.,Then it will automatically be judged by iOS as an "acquaintance.",Then the drop Messenger is "not entitled" To filter this number.,Once this number sends you a spam message,,And it won't be filtered.。

If all the ideals,A text message was filtered by a drop messenger.,Your SMS app icon will still display a red number to indicate unread,This is the design of iOS.。

Cancel filtering

A drop messenger is a new text message that matches a stranger based on a user-set rule (keyword).,Error matching can be inevitable.,If a text message is judged to filter,So, according to IOS rules,,This number is judged to be filtered.,And then the text message will no longer pass the drop Messenger.,will be directly designated as a filter。To save it.,You need to delete the entire session and adjust the rules of the Drop Messenger (keyword),Then the new text message will reappear in your unread list.。

-OR,You can also add the corresponding mobile phone number to your address Book。

Basic concepts

When a text message is sent to your iPhone,,It meets the prerequisites mentioned above,Then this text message will be sent to the drop Messenger to determine if it needs to be filtered.。

Drop Messenger has a main three lists,It's a white list, respectively.、Global matching list and default matching list。

White List

Drop Messenger first will be on the text message content of the white list rules match by article,Once hit,Returns the result immediately-by。

Global Matching List

When the contents of this text message are not on the whitelist,,Drop Messenger will make a global list of SMS content matching by article,Once the match,Returns the result immediately-filtering。

Default Matching list

This is the list of the most commonly used standards for drop messengers,Most of your matching rules should be configured at this level,Unlike the global list,,It supports independent matching based on different senders-that is,,In addition to matching content, this list can be matched,You can also make different content matches based on different phone numbers。

In the first interface of the Drop Messenger app,Click the plus sign in the upper-right corner to create a rule that matches your phone number,It appears below the "three major lists"。

When a new text message is not hit by a whitelist,When you're not hit by a global list,,The drop Messenger will match the sender's cell phone number first.,If you hit,You will read the rules from this number to match the text message content on a case-by-article basis.,If you hit,Returns the result--filtering。Instead,If you don't hit,Returns the result-through。

Tips,As the last link in the matching chain,If you set up a phone number match,,But empty all the orders.,Then there's no rule in this cell phone number that matches the content of the text message.,This is the equivalent of a "whitelist" for "this cell phone number."。

When the sender's cell phone number is not matched by any sender number rule,Drop Messenger will make the final "default list" match,Like the whitelist and global lists,This match is also an article-by-one match for SMS content,If you hit,Then returns--filtering。Instead,Returned-through。

Advanced Settings

Rule testing

You can test your rule matching results in this functional module,But it's important to note that,It doesn't recognize the sender's cell phone number-because you can't enter a cell phone number。

Toggle Configuration

If you import multiple configurations from a logarithmic cloud or computer,Then you can switch or delete the configuration here。

Character processing

Extra ground,Here you can turn on some special processing functions for the drop Messenger.,This will greatly reduce the number of your rules,But please note that,This may also reduce the accuracy of the match。

English alphabet Uniform lowercase:This feature converts all the English letters in the SMS content to lowercase before matching-so you don't have to deal with uppercase or uppercase in your rules。

Chinese Characters Unified Simplified:Not everyone uses Simplified Chinese.,Anyway,If you only have simplified rules,,But I want to match the traditional text message.,Then turn this feature on.,The drop Messenger will first convert the Chinese characters in the SMS content to simplified and then match-so that your rules do not need to deal with traditional or traditional situations。

Logarithmic cloud

Drop Messenger users can share their own configurations for other users to use,You can also download out-of-the-box rules shared by other users directly from the logarithmic cloud-do not automatically take effect after downloading,Remember to switch rules in advanced settings。