Loginput X IOS

ShuangPin,No need to say much。

Free to mount the code table,type freely;

And VoiceOver Dance together,Visually impaired users can also use the Loginput X keyboard without hindrance;

Not native,But better than the native Chinese input experience;

Custom Fonts、Color、Bright Color RGB No Limit!

Smooth、Save Electricity、 ...


The most commendable is-----Loginput X fundamentalNo needGet "full access"!

Version Update log

Than you value your privacy and security。

No authorization required "full access" permission to use the full functionality pocketed input method1

Use the drop-down input method with ease to typeNothing,itwill notSecretly upload any of your privacy data--never

We've even provided you with an extra "Privacy mode”,In the privacy mode,The keyboard doesn't even record anything locally.,All the things you type,will not leave any records on the drop-through input X keyboard (the letter keys after the outgoing keyboard[P]Up and down can be entered)。

As a user of theprivacywithSafetyPay the first place input method,for security and privacy。

Looking for the user group of the Loginput X? QQ Group:16788008 Telegram group:Click me

Looking for the tutorial of Loginput X? Please move to "From the introduction to the proficient of the Loginput"

Searching for macOS Version of the Loginput?

Smart Association -not so Smart,but very clever.。

The Loginput X keyboard has a very popular "intelligent learning engine" built into it.,We've been debugging and optimizing it hundreds of times.,Finally found a not so "stupid",And it's a way to save electricity.。Use the drop-in input method for a long time X,You will find that it will gradually provide you with the right candidate when you need it.,Whether it's a code table user or a double spell user,can benefit from this.。

Rewrite the core layer --with heart。

Relative to Loginput,Loginput X starts with you press the keyboard button,Until the candidate appears in the candidate column.,Re-build All。Now it's more native.、Better looking、More efficient、Faster--and most importantly,More stable and more power-saving.。

"It feels completely different.。"--many senior users of the grid input method said。

Silk slip、Silk slip、Silk slip!

It's true,pop up the keyboard will not laggay any more.。

Play,That's the thing in the bones.。

We know you like fresh, you can't stop to be a different kind of craving.,Drop Input Method X allows you to customize the font on the key,How many fonts are built into your iPhone?,How many fonts we can support! We also have a keyboard background color selector for you.,You can even manually enter a precise CSS color value!

It's not enough.,In addition to the fall in the input method of the favorite "no engraved" mode outside,We've got extra for you. "Invisible" and "coloured glaze" two key effects--yes,These special effects are availableSuperposition

Want to put your loved one on the keyboard? Didn't! Ask! Problem! --drop Input Method X even supports the selection of a picture as a keyboard background content,of course,Many users choose to make keyboard skin to load,You might as well give it a try。

Remember that exclusive RGB "colorful expansion pack"? Now it's fully integrated into the grid input X "Panel" option.,And we added "deep" to you.、"Girls" two sets of color theme,Added a new "extended" colorful effect,There are also,Colorful effects can now adjust speed!

We just love being the first one.。

Fewer people with double spells.,Fewer people with a Qwerty keyboard and a double spell.,But we're still taking care of it.,Drop down Input Method X optional keyboard layout Qwerty、Dvorak,Besides,We now also support Colemak and Workman!

--Don't get excited., Qwerty 、 Colemak 、 Workman is even optional. 27 Key,Semicolon semicolon semicolon,A lot of them!


Perfect compatibility with IOS system VoiceOver function,Really, it's not just that simple.。We have experienced barrier-free experience to conduct continuous follow-up tests,Designed for accessibility optimization。

We also have someone to optimize a new set of explanatory libraries for the drop input method.,Take only one of the most common and more accurate explanatory words per word,Enable visually impaired persons to greatly improve input efficiency。

Loginput X is not only the first input method that supports subscriptions,Or the first one to VoiceOver the sound effects under the,More valuable is the barrier-free support and a higher level。 --by 小龙

Money? Forget it if you don't want to pay.。

Even if you don't pay,You can also use the basic function of input Method!

Built-in dual-spell solution、The Code table and the auxiliary code are completely open to anyone for free use,There's no need to pay.。Oh, right.,Fuzzy sound can also be effective ...

It's not enough.,In order for you to use your beloved two-spell scheme,We specialize in the customization of the two-spell scheme for you.,You can even import out-of-the-box programs that you download from the Web--yes.,I don't want any money.。

Loginput X may be your first subscription to the Chinese dual-spelling input method,It's probably the most expensive input software you've ever bought.。

--but,Is there any reason to say no?

  1. The entire function of the drop input method X needs to be paid subscription to become Pro user can unlock;