You should use ReportX,if you think the payments and financial reports are complicated and confusing to view,.;

You should use ReportX, if you think it is unsafe to provide developer information in software or services,.;

You should use ReportX, if you find it difficult to read various ornate reports,.;

You should use ReportX, if you need to share an app's earnings with others,.。

Easy to use

  • Less buttons,more functions;
  • Beautiful、tidy、easy to read。


  • No need to login or provide any developer information;
  • All report data is processed locally;
  • Requires network only when obtaining App icon and real-time exchange rate。

Reorganize your payment reports

  • Sort reports data by your App;
  • Check out your App for billing and sales in all regions at a glance。

Discover more details

  • Sort,by sales and incomes;
  • Comparison of Regional,price comparison,period comparison;
  • Tables and charts。


  • Custom grouping,More clearly to see what kind of App more popular。



How to use