New LogInput and Catalina More equipped

Excellent double-typing feeling,It is now more fully spell-held。With MacOS 10.15 Native Chinese input method almost exactly the same candidate column style,It's so addictive.。Download the drop-grid input method now,Basic features are free forever!

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New drop-Grid Input method,It's used and used.,Love。

Touch Bar

The second Chinese input method in support of Multi-Touch Bar is here.,Enjoy with a bar,It's not just native.。


Probably the most optimized Chinese input method for VoiceOver so far – we've even prepared a new Chinese interpretation library for you!

Or,You can, too.:brew cask install loginputmac

Participate in internal testing

Download the beta version of the drop-grid input Method MacOS 2 Installation package override installation,Faster updates,Experience and participate in testing the latest features。

- Although the beta version is generally stable,,However, we do not recommend that you install this version in a production environment。

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is now on the market

Just started to learn to double-fight。What I like best is that the optional input scheme is very rich,You can choose the most in line with their own habits (two-solution)!

--by Digital Litchi founder Lee Yichi

Buy drop-Grid Input method MacOS now 2 Single-User lifetime authorization,Unlock all advanced customization features。

including but not limited to:

  • Custom Code Table;
  • Custom AUX code;
  • Custom candidate bar black-and-white style;
  • Custom font for candidate characters、Color、Size font;
  • Customizing the Paging key;
  • Toggle Candidate Column Layout;
  • Adjust any number of candidates;
  • The transmission of simple and complex;
  • Full spelling correction;
  • Any application silent boot;
  • Custom encoding;
  • Efficient point-and-stroke guidance;
  • Customizing the Paging key;
  • Fuzzy sound;
  • Key Count;
  • Additional encoding Features;
  • Custom Symbol Mappings;
  • Custom Extension Thesaurus;
  • Silent Startup for specific apps;
  • Custom user encoding;
  • Log cloud One-click Share download;
  • VoiceOver Explains Library Switching;
  • Narrator interpretation style customization;
  • Global Chinese-English mode;
  • ......

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“ ”

"That's the Mac input I'm looking for,I like it very much! ”

by R***u

"well,My heart is very comforting.。”

by l***s

"It's a great thing to do in a double fight.。”

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"The downfall doesn't type.。”

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"Easy to use after importing the Wubi code table!" iOS Mac dual Platform is in。”

By day * * * Festival

October 15 Every year is the International Day of the Blind,It's the best gift for myself and for everyone.,Can let me edit the character in a good program Tigger is a very exciting thing Ah!

Grid interpretation Library maintenance of the empty mountain Xinyu

Drop Lattice Interpretation Library

We have spent more than 40 An hour of working time.,For Jane、Propagation、Total of different three bodies 10000 The traditional group word interpretation of multiple words is screened and optimized individually.,Finally completed a new set of efficient Chinese character interpretation library,Aim to shorten the listening time for visually impaired users,Help users to select words accurately、Increased input efficiency。

Key Features:

  • For a word that has multiple interpretations,We only keep one of the most common explanations.,Delete Other explanations to shorten listening time;
  • Vague and obscure explanations for the words、Pointing to Unknown,We mainly use the word plus one or two words in the way to determine its uniqueness,Promote precise selection of words (usually not directly replace the explanatory words,To maximize the user's memory habits);
  • The interpretation of traditional Chinese is different from that of simplified,All to the interpretation of Simplified Chinese (the only exception,is to change the "crippled remnant" to the interpretation of its traditional characters "mutilated remnant");
  • For traditional and Variant forms,After moving the description of its "traditional" and "allogeneic" to the explanatory word,Increase the priority of explanatory words;
  • For some words "tingting" pronunciation wrong,Correcting the pronunciation of a word with a phonetic character;
  • Explanation of some professional words,such as common partial and chemical elements.,We have also regulated and harmonized。

We will make unremitting efforts,Trying to make typing for the visually impaired a little faster.、A little more.,So as to facilitate life,Enjoy typing!

The grid interpretation Library is maintained and updated by the empty hill Xinyu.。