LogInput macOS

LogInput macOS 2

is now on the market

New Drop Input Method MacOS 2 ,More with Mojave。

Upgrade to the Drop method now MacOS 2 ,The old user immediately traded the activation information for 6 Discount Exclusive Discounts!

The old version of the drop input method MacOS is no longer sold,and will be in 2018 Loss of technical support at the end of the year,Users who have purchased a permanent license can continue to use theTill forever.

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Excellent input method,We came another excellent platform!

LogInput finally embarked on the input method macOS,over the years,Enter ShuangPin is a nightmare in macOS,From now on,This nightmare can end up。

In addition to incomplete abandoned pit I do not know when it can not be used palms input method for Mac、Rime mouse input substantially non-professionals can not be assigned an outer pipe,You have one more choice,LogInput macOS

Download it now and try LogInput macOS,You can try all features up to seven days before purchase,After the trial period you can still continue to use LogInput macOS,of course,It won't read any configuration.。

Now,you can use Homebrew Cask Install Loginput Mac

I'm sorry.,For some reason,We can't continue to control cask update address,It has been modified and cannot be used properly,Please download the installation package directly to install。

Are you looking for iOS version LogInput?

Looking for an older version of the installation package pocketed input method?

Looking users off the grid input method? QQ group:16788008 Telegram group:Click me

From now on,You can use Wubi on macOS、By ShuangPin、Zheng code ...... with all the input method you want to use a favorite,There is no problem!

LogInput so faronlyA support on macOSSecondary bis direct secondary codeInput method,Even more unusual is,It is a secondary code part independent - yes,You are free to import and use any direct auxiliary code code table your own design,Whether it is with a five-stroke type to filter,Or with a professional calf auxiliary code,Easy to use natural or secondary code symbol,Or is it easy to get started in March auxiliary code,Choices are worth trying,Since then, the selected word thing of the past、Since then homonyms typo thing of the past。

And systems consistent primary candidate block,Is more than the original native,Nothing wrong!

From excellent,Only a minority of people proud,We can now be more proud。


"I fell in love with the feeling of typing。”

by t***4

"Ios version with a long time,I have been waiting for the mac version,Out must be supported。”

by d***n


lost by 1 ***

"The price can be very affordable,Input method is also very easy to use。”

by slaves lonely ***

"Rare good software。”

the h *** in

"Yes input method。”

*** grid by name

"Without pocketed,Mac will not let me put it down so。”

by Zhang

What you want,All here。

  • Four yards on a screen,On and on - for top power、Wubi、Daniel users,On a four-yard screen (top screen space code) is almost essential options。Off the grid on-screen input methods provide a variety of solutions for you,Switch freely!
  • Of vocabulary and auxiliary code - up to three auxiliary code words any word,The presence of secondary independent code system,Larry Any program can be used to pinpoint your secondary code word candidate;
  • Smart English candidate - the hand on the shot,Frankly,Do you want to enter the English word, right?
  • Cattle + cow + ox = Ben - difficult to play like a combination of direct word;
  • Emoji intelligent candidate - I guess,You want to say this;
  • Full equipment configuration synchronization! --iPad with iPhone Configuration,Import code table and quick phrases are available through iCloud backup and recovery;
  • Import custom code table - stroke、Zheng code,All programs can theoretically enter the code table expression pocketed input methods are compatible,In particular, there are a variety of four yards on screen program!
  • Sentence input - based word sentence input;
  • Customizable point designated vertical direction and guide the whole --26 English letters can customize,same,Macro commands and ultimately,;
  • Use "orq"、"Oxq"、"Osj" to enter the date, respectively,、Day and time - no "o",Direct input "sj" and the like can also be friends;
  • Jane lost out complicated - in short,Now you can use the input method and pocketed more people exchange;
  • Text replacement - you set the system "replace text" content,You can easily import pocketed input method macOS;
  • inLine,In this - display your input in the input box Buffer;
  • Import any Home code table - a powerful custom stopwatch,perfect、stable;
  • Introducing any secondary code code table - is now independent secondary codes can be arranged,Larry hanging Wubi? no problem!
  • Any key mapping - Build Larry? can not stop;
  • Any dotted guide - yes,52Point plan configuration,Already ready to go!
  • Thesaurus mix,This time,Do not select - code table、Secondary code、Thesaurus mixed query,Full content and more、By car more stable。
  • Universal key - the master user code table ` Can be fuzzy match it!
  • Cloud log - share a key code table,A key import and other users sharing configuration code table;
  • Smart Tip - Enter the domain name is no longer a headache;
  • Controlled user dictionary - word frequency coinage want? Who says Larry to die! Want more privacy? A key to close no problem!
  • Buffer spelling - some semi-detached keyboard display,Some keyboard display jianpin,So you can set off the grid display style input method you need。
  • Sound fuzzy sound support;
  • iOS and Mac consistent input experience;
  • Z traditional five-stroke mode global independent!
  • Unique semicolon and quotation marks dashed guide,With macros,Efficiency doubled and then doubled!
  • The end of the auxiliary code word prompt;
  • With the system automatically change the color depth of a candidate!

It's a proud thing to pay ,for security and privacy。 - input pocketed

P.S.:Use and purchase pocketed input method, you agree pocketed input method will adjust the price based on my marketing strategies and living conditions in the days ahead;Simultaneously,Department of required code table,Pocketed input method can not use a crane Shuangpin,This includes its code table、Program code and a secondary,Please use the corresponding user program must not buy,Be sure not to break off the grid input method to use its code table。