LogInput macOS 2 Update Log


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  • 现在 Z+拼音 模式下支持反查当前码表对应编码(启用码表时)
  • Now you can turn off System Text Replacement support in the Custom Coding interface;
  • 现在通配默认只查询单字结果
  • |- If you need to restore the original behavior,You can turn off the "Pass-through check-only word" function in the code table-related settings interface。
  • Updated Liqing Code Table、091Code table;
  • Optimize the installation package structure,Now the installation pops up when the new installation grid input method、Uninstall tutorial;
  • Fix some situations,Restoring iOS backups causes custom encoding stoic errors。


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  • 修复了同时使用双拼方案和辅码以及简拼时用户词单字学习可能跑偏的错误


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  • Updated the drop-grid interpretation library;
  • Now built-in "star key channel" and "Key channel 6" merged into "star Key Road 6" to avoid confusion;
  • Now when the automatic spaces feature is turned on,Also effective under uppercase locking (Chinese mode);
  • Now drop Input Method MacOS 2 构建支持 Notarize
  • Now you can turn on the full-width symbol in symbol mapping;
  • Synchronous updates built-in "star Key Road 6" to the latest edition in May;
  • Optimization stack sorting algorithm;
  • Optimize the extended anosis format validation algorithm;
  • |- The number of phonetics in the extended thesaurus must be less than or equal to the number of words。
  • Fix errors that caused the settings to crash when individual apps were added to the silent list;
  • Fixes an error that causing the input method to crash by turning the page to the end and then forward;
  • Fix errors that are not fully displayed in the auxiliary code reverse check in some cases;
  • Fix errors that do not generate simple spelling immediately after word making;
  • Fix errors that "custom encoding" in the Settings app may flash
  • Removes the mechanism for automatically checking for updates each time it starts。


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  • New to The Sun 98 pen code table built-in;
  • VoiceOver Add read-only word puzzled word option;
  • Now you can turn off buffer under VoiceOver;
  • Optimizing the associative logic of user words;
  • Optimize the full spelling input experience;
  • Level candidate layout when optimizing vertical text;
  • Now vertical and horizontal text can be identified in real time.;
  • Fix when not in a single word,Error with secondary code priority greater than user Word;
  • Fix the error of rendering run deviation when selecting the vertical text level of the Pure Code table user。


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  • Project migration to Swift 5;
  • New Word Library Frequency;
  • Now the Chinese title number and square brackets are automatically nested;
  • Now English candidates can also participate in the word frequency.;
  • Custom encoding locations are now no longer affected by Emoji and English candidates;
  • Now the user word after learning can automatically generate simple spelling;
  • Updating the entire sentence model;
  • Updated the key path 6.2 Main Code table;
  • Optimized for vertical text;
  • Optimize uppercase opening English processing logic;
  • Optimized full-spell processing logic;
  • Optimize custom Encoding implementation logic;
  • Optimization of simple spelling processing logic;
  • Optimize z+ Pinyin processing logic;
  • Improve the stability of the input method;
  • Fix errors in some extreme cases where double-spell input may be slightly carton;
  • Fix errors that do not go heavy when custom encoding and common candidates repeat。


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  • This update is 2.1.7 The patch version,The main fix is that the vertical candidate bar does not display candidate errors。
  • 2.1.7 The version update reads as follows:
  • Now the candidate bar custom font layout is more beautiful;
  • Now the candidate bar text is more comfortable to render;
  • Now you can choose whether to return to the z+ pinyin when the z is on the screen;
  • Added "Fast Word frequency Learning mode",Located in the security & amp; Privacy module;
  • Update the built-in 091 Code table to 1902;
  • Update the built-in green Five code table;
  • Expand the English thesaurus;
  • Improved compatibility with Safari;
  • Optimization of candidate de-weight algorithm,Boost efficiency;
  • Sort logic selected when optimizing a word heavy code;
  • Optimize Input Method Check update logic;
  • Optimization of super simple spelling algorithm;
  • Fine-tune the default font weight for candidate columns;
  • Fine-tune the background color in the candidate bar black mode;
  • Fixed a number of minor errors in setting up the app;
  • Fixed an error that used the quotation mark Bootloader to cause the input method to crash;
  • Fix an error where uppercase letters may not display correctly in a fully spelled buffer style。


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  • Now the auxiliary code can be involved in the word frequency.;
  • Now "simple and complex" increases "Martian text" support;
  • Expand the built-in thesaurus;
  • Optimized built-in thesaurus query logic;
  • Optimized the processing logic of dual-spelling scheme;
  • Method to enhance the stability of input;
  • Optimize Auxiliary Code logic;
  • Fixed a user word selection error that could be caused by a four-yard vocabulary priority;
  • Fixed an error where the secondary code configuration in double-spelling mode in settings did not display the current state correctly;
  • Fix an error that could cause full spelling mode to fail to properly eliminate buffer。


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  • Added extra large Character set features;
  • Now the vertical candidate bar is as wide as the Mojave system by default;
  • Now Jane supports word frequency, too.;
  • Slightly speeds up the vanishing time of the status prompt;
  • |- Developer View:This tip is useful for small squares.,But most of the time it doesn't take that long to exist.,Being too long affects the normal workflow.。
  • Improve the stability of input method and the compatibility of automatic learning word making function;
  • Improved code execution efficiency;
  • Improves the stability of recovery backups;
  • Optimized candidate bar Rendering logic;
  • Optimize support for Touch Bar;
  • Reduces CPU footprint When the entire sentence is entered;
  • Fixed automatic spaces ignoring carriage return errors;
  • Fixed lue and nue pinyin words in full spelling mode may lack candidate errors;
  • Fixed an error in some cases where emoji was cropped in the candidate bar;
  • Fixed an error where custom encoding could not be set in four-yard on-screen mode。


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  • Now you can turn off Touch Bar support.;
  • Now the drop input method can display and control the current English and Chinese mode in the status bar (turned on by default);
  • Touch Bar now displays and controls current English and Chinese patterns;
  • Now switch the simplicity of the transmission,The status on Touch Bar can also be updated synchronously;
  • Now "under the Panel" renamed "Feature Customization";
  • Now you can use shift. + Cmd + F Quick Switch complexity output;
  • |- Developer View:In some cases,It's a very useful function to have a simple transmission.,In addition to the commonly used ;F Outside the default bootloader,I think it is necessary to provide other input methods commonly used in the shortcut key combination to facilitate your quick switch complexity,of course,For a device with a bar,,You can also switch with Touch Bar one click。
  • Now you can switch the global shortcut key of the drop input method in the settings;
  • |- Developer View:Now,Drop Input Method supports two shortcut keys:Custom encoding and switching simplicity。But in short,,Due to MacOS system reasons,These shortcuts are all system-global.,They do have the potential to conflict with some app shortcuts,Now you can choose to turn off the shortcut key function of the drop lattice input Method--if it conflicts with your app。
  • The silent list now supports the direct selection of add entries from the running app;
  • You can now reset your authorization if you encounter a certificate error;
  • Optimized app icon color to get better recognition in dark mode;
  • Optimized some of the interactive logic of setting up the app
  • Symbol mapping now provides presets for all common symbols by default;
  • Now in full-screen app mode,Status prompt small squares can be displayed normally;
  • Now switch complexity through the Input Method menu There are also tips for small squares;
  • Fixes an error in error recognition as URL input when paging with a non-comma period;
  • Fixed an error where startup status prompt caused Windowserver to be too high CPU consumption;
  • Fixed Input method status prompt small box may block mouse click Operation Error。


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  • Update 091 Code table to 1901;
  • Update March Konami code table to 5.3;
  • |- Users who use the above two code tables please re-import to update。
  • Added built-in classic five code table 98 with 86 Two models;
  • From now on 10.14.1 In the following versions,"Smart emoji candidate" does not display unsupported new emoji;
  • Optimized word frequency and algorithms;
  • Fixed an error in "full spelling" mode to select "Full buffer style" that caused buffer to not be displayed;
  • Fixed an error in "Double spell" mode with "full spelling buffer style" causing buffer to disappear;
  • Fixed an error where switching system global black and white could cause a black "about" interface;
  • Fixed an error that buffer not cleared correctly when entering a time date shortcut in full spelling mode;
  • Fixed an error in the "Full spell" and "Code table" modes where the system text replacement content might not be read;
  • Fixes an error in rare cases where a backup configuration may cause an app flashback to be set;
  • Fixed an error that the "Stork double spell" scheme did not display in rare cases。


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  • Optimized the whole sentence input language model;
  • Fixed an error where the two settings state of the secondary code in the settings dual-spelling mode interface might not match the actual state;
  • Fixed an error where switching duplex schemes might not work correctly in dual-spelling mode;
  • Fixed maximum display for logarithmic cloud sharing 100 The error of the bar;
  • Fixed switching dual-spelling scheme in a dual-collage editor,If the target scheme does not have a bootloader,Set an error where the interface bootloader does not change。


  • Improved stability and compatibility of input methods;
  • Optimized settings in the app,Part of the logic of the input mode;
  • Further optimizes the user interface for input mode;
  • |- Developer View:Ever since I redesigned this interface in the last version,,User confusion over settings is reduced by a lot,But that brings with it another problem.,tab should not be used as a "selector",There's a logical deviation.,So I changed a single box to implement this toggle.。
  • Now "Mix (code table + Pinyin)" is renamed "Expert (code table + Pinyin)";
  • Added an empty code clear screen function description for the Code table mode;
  • Fixed when switching from dual-spelling mode to expert mode,If the secondary code is turned on,Then the expert mode is an operable error in the auxiliary code;
  • Fixed an error that did not switch the double spelling scheme correctly in double-spelling mode;
  • Fixed an error where the status prompt feature caused Safari to create a new tab carton;
  • Fixed an error that caused carton when the new tab entered Chinese in the address bar when the Safari tab was greater than two;
  • Fixed an error in setting an individual question mark button in the settings interface to read English under VoiceOver;
  • Fixed an error where Touch Bar always immediately enters Lenovo after selecting a candidate。


  • Fixed an error where automatic spaces are spaces for each word when in Chinese text;
  • Rearrange the Settings interface;
  • Now "code table & amp; scheme" renamed "Input Mode";
  • |- Developer View:The drop method supports too many functions.,Code table、Pinyin and Auxiliary code,These three categories confuse almost all novice novices,I try to split the settings in "mode",and provides a "hybrid" mode to serve familiar old users。


  • Now the drop method is smoother.;
  • The URL will now be at the top of the list when the URL is identified.;
  • Now drop Input Method MacOS 2 Support Touch Bar.;
  • Now you can back up the key mapping configuration.;
  • Added most common text encoding support to Code table files;
  • Updated VoiceOver empty Mountain Xinyu Interpretation Library;
  • |- Defenders say:This time, it's mainly a unified interpretation of the names of dozens of very word chemical elements.;Now, with the exception of "tin of Sikkim" and "Platinum of platinum",,The interpretation of the names of metallic elements is unified in the former,For example, "zirconium of golden zirconium";With the exception of "Krypton of the Air Krypton",,The interpretation of the name of the element with the head of the air is unified into the back of the air word,For example, "tritium of tritium gas"。
  • Improved processing performance for symbol mapping;
  • Optimized processing efficiency of dual-spell scheme;
  • Fixed a bug where some simple spelling would be accidentally confused when you were in a double spell;
  • Fixes an error that may not be valid after the secondary code is moved;
  • Fixed smart ABC fixed code table type error;
  • Fixes an error in some cases where importing text may be garbled;
  • Fix errors where fuzzy tones do not take effect in some cases;
  • Fixed a buffer error when the input URL was repaired in full spelling;
  • Fixed a candidate error displaying E when entering a boot when full spelling;
  • Fixed an error that caused the ctrl+h to be on the Input Method candidate screen;
  • |- Developers say:CTRL series shortcuts are of little effect to the drop input method, except H.,Actually, I didn't even pay attention to this compatibility issue until then.,Now,With the exception of H, other shortcuts would be equivalent to pressing ESC,Let the drop input method empty buffer。
  • Fixed a simple failure error when the empty code was on the screen;
  • Fixed several errors in the double-spelling editor。


  • Now set up app support URL Scheme;
  • |- Specific supported URLs Scheme see HTTPS://Docs.logcg.com/chang-jian-wen-ti/url
  • The input menu now supports shortcut switches;
  • Now set "Custom encoding" to support shift + Cmd + = Fast Outbound;
  • Now numbers also support automatic spaces;
  • Now VoiceOver users can choose "only word not read words";
  • Now VoiceOver switch Chinese and English mode has a sound prompt;
  • Now, the z C s doesn't flatter in Jane's spell.;
  • Added #全拼 macro support;
  • Added #链接 macro support;
  • |- Developer View:The dot of the drop input method if you can support URL Scheme,will bring efficiency to the next level.,Now you can use the click-through key to tune up your app or website,Please note that if you want to open a link to a Web page,Please write the full agreement head.,Like HTTPS.://
  • Now the logarithmic cloud Extension thesaurus no longer displays "million",Replace with "Rows";
  • Optimized user Word database query performance;
  • Optimized kernel behavior switching logic;
  • Optimized the whole sentence input;
  • Fixed an error where custom encoding candidates did not correctly eliminate buffer;
  • Fixed an error in updating the extension thesaurus without updating the number of rows after the logarithmic cloud upload extension thesaurus;
  • Fixed an error in the full spelling of the time number to change the phonetic participle。


  • Now you can set the empty code to automatically clear the screen.;
  • Now the numbers and English can be automatically spaces before (conditional,See the instructions in the Settings app for details);
  • Built-in "smart ABC fixed Top code";
  • Updated the 091 Code table to emoji special edition;
  • Optimized the emoji candidate;
  • Optimized the built-in thesaurus candidate word frequency;
  • Fixed an error that the Code table reverse check does not display。

  • Patch Updates:
  • Refactoring the inverse check display logic,Fixed an incorrect error on the upper screen when the secondary code was checked for anti-check。

  • Patch Updates:
  • Fixed an incorrect screen error when the code table was involved in Word frequency。


  • Now the Code table can be involved in the word frequency.;
  • Now you can set the Chinese-English mode global save switch;
  • |- Silent list function invalidation in global mode。
  • Now you can customize the code length.;
  • Now emoji candidates can show more emoji.;
  • From now on 10.14 The following versions of the system,Highlight the candidate display more clearly;
  • Now expand the import and export of the Thesaurus to click on the small box before the thesaurus name;
  • Now you can import the extension thesaurus table directly;
  • |- Developer View:Improvements to the previous version although the deletion operation was done,But the whole operation is confusing in a different way.,Now,Click the plus sign to import an external extension thesaurus table,Clicking a minus sign is to delete a selected extension thesaurus;If you want to load or uninstall the extended thesaurus,Click the Small box on the left side of the thesaurus。
  • Improves the compatibility of input methods;
  • Improved copy efficiency of code table files;
  • Improved overall performance;
  • Settings interface slightly optimized;
  • Fixed an error where custom encoding does not take effect in full spelling mode;
  • Fixed an error with an import error encoding code table causing a memory overflow;
  • Fixed an error setting some of the buttons in the App to read English under VoiceOver;
  • Fixed an error where the wildcard character was invalid when using the Code table;
  • Fixed an error that failed to "empty code directly on screen" mode。


  • Now you can revoke the authorization for the current device.;
  • Now you can disable the Input method upload crash log;
  • Now the emoji candidate can read normally under VoiceOver.;
  • Now the extended Thesaurus setting changes to select and then click the lower left corner plus (+) to import;
  • |- Developer View:"Extended Thesaurus" set up the interface so that many users rushed to confusion,In fact, file management should be done in the Finder,Anyway,This operation is not very uniform,Instead, add two buttons directly to the bottom left corner,A responsible import,The other is responsible for canceling the import and deletion。
  • Now updates and hot update notifications will automatically disappear.;
  • Optimized the learning logic of all-spell user words;
  • Optimized all-in-English candidate logic;
  • Updated VoiceOver Drop Interpretation Library;
  • Improved underlying code stability;
  • Fixed a bug where the "Buffer style" could be misplaced when displayed;
  • Fixed a bug where Buffer could not be emptied correctly after selecting a special symbol candidate;
  • Fixed "Microsoft double spelling standard" in Y still contains ing error;
  • |- Users who use the Microsoft Double-spelling Standard Edition,Please re-select once to update。


2018Year October 25 drop-Grid Input Method MacOS 2 On the market.

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