Down Studios August 15 – 9Back-to-school season fracture promotion on the 15th of the month,Closed。

2019 Third Back to School Season

Back-to-school season August 15 – 915th of the month

From Spider-Man·Back-to-school season,The original room grew up wanting steam's summer specials.,As a result, the event was "started early" early.,What's the "summer",So there is a drop-down input method "back to school season big"。Until this year,,It's the third season.。

Annual back-to-school season,It's the "big day" of discounting the price of the software owned by Grid Studios.,It's also the lowest discount in a year in the Room Grown Man Program.、Offer with the longest discount。

"Buy early and enjoy it early,Discounts for late purchase... Right now,It's time to get a discount.。”


Drop Input Method X
ShuangPin,No need to say much。
Falling Input Method Classic Edition
Continue the leading edge again
Timing Meow
The germinated iOS time-lapse kitten,You deserve it.。
LogInput macOS 2
macOS Chinese input the best partner。
Junk Text Messages,Good bye。

Event Details

During the event,$6 s $3 。

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During the event:
New user subscription - monthly payment,AgoTwo months$18 per month and $8 per month;
New user subscription - annual payment,First year$168 s $58

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During the event:
Perpetual Authorization s$98 s $50;
Efficiency Extension Pack s$6 s $1;
Dazzling Extension Packs s$6 s $1 。

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During the event,$12 s $6 。

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During the event,$8 s $3 。

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During the event,$50 s $12 。

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*This event is a temporary price reduction promotion,WeCan'tRefund of the difference for users who purchase authorizations at standard prices before or after the event,Please be aware of。

One More Thing

During the event,Falling Input Method X Old User Subscription Expires Automatic Renewal Discount:

Monthly payment from $18 s $15

Quarterly Pay s$48 s $38

Annual payment $168 s $138

⚠️ attention:

After the event,Renewal price will be restored to the original price,There may be a price increase alert push,Please note to all users,It's not that the price increases,It's "Restore the Original Price"。