Terms of Use

When you use the drop-in input method X,Please read the following terms of use carefully

You use the Drop method X to represent you agree to the following terms,These terms apply with all visitors、Free users、Pro users etc。


Some of the features in the application are based on subscription fees。You will pay for a fixed period of time。The billing cycle is divided into monthly、Every quarter or every year,It depends on the specific subscription you choose。

End of each subscription cycle,Your subscription will be automatically renewed according to the subscription item you choose,If successful,The subscription authorization automatically extends the same period,Unless you or the studio canceled it.。You can always visit your ITunes Account subscription management page to cancel the automatic subscription (current cycle end of the 24 Hours ago)。

Free trial

We provide a free trial for a limited time in individual subscription items。You may need to provide payment information to start the trial,Unless you're at the end of the trial. 24 Cancel it hours ago.,After the trial is over,will automatically be converted to the official automatic renewal subscription of the corresponding project and deducted the fee。

Free trial period is not fixed,The drop studio remains in the future. Do not notify users to change the trial time or allow trial subscription items,Even cancel a free trial。


We may also revise the subscription price in the future,Any subscription price changes will take effect at the end of the current cycle。

If the price of the item you are subscribing to has changed,Then you'll get a reminder before the automatic renewal.,You can choose to continue subscribing,or cancel it.。

After the pricing change is in effect,If you choose to continue to subscribe,Then you agree that the revised price。


In addition to legal requirements,Subscription fees that have already been paid cannot be refunded。


The studio itself does not hold your account.,Do not collect your privacy information to create a database,We use your Apple ID as the only identifier (not plaintext,is a specially-handled unique hash,No sensitive privacy features)。If you change the Apple ID in midstream,May result in a drop down Input method X subscription authorization recognition failure,Please cancel the old account subscription and subscribe to the Pro user with the new Apple ID。

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this clause,,Please contact us。 Lomyr.jo#gmail.com

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