Loginput macOS revision history

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This version of the drop input method MacOS for the old version of the drop input method MacOS,This version will be available in the 2018 Loss of technical support at the end of the year,But you can still continue to use it.。

Revision History


  • Fixed an error that caused the ctrl+h to be on the Input Method candidate screen;
    |- Developers say:CTRL series shortcuts are of little effect to the drop input method, except H.,Actually, I didn't even pay attention to this compatibility issue until then.,Now,With the exception of H, other shortcuts would be equivalent to pressing ESC,Let the drop input method empty buffer。
  • Fixed a simple failure error when the empty code was on the screen;
  • Improved compatibility with Safari;
  • Improves the efficiency of fuzzy sound processing;
  • Fixed an error in some cases when the Code table file was imported garbled;
  • Fixes an error that is not valid in some cases after the secondary code is moved;
  • Improves the overall performance of the input method。


  • Now emoji candidates can show more emoji.;
  • Fixed an error that an import error encoding code table might cause an App memory overflow;
  • Fixed an error that could not be fitted when using a code table;
  • Fixed an error with the "about" interface writing all white under a black theme;
  • Now the input method can identify the special symbols in the candidate bar.;
  • Fixed an error where the Buffer was not emptied correctly when the input symbol was entered。


  • Fixed an error when exporting custom encoding while the app was out of the flash;
  • Fixed the error of input method crash caused by simple output;
  • Fixed "about" interface showing all black errors in some cases。


  • Updated the key path 6.2 To 20180930;
  • Migrated to Swift 4.2;
  • Built-in 95 first generation ;
  • Fixed an error that the built-in Wubi code table does not display;
  • Fixed a list of errors that still appear after closing the thesaurus。


  • Fixed database query overflow error caused by super-simple spelling。


  • Fixed the display error of setting interface to simplify the output.;
  • Fixed an overflow error in a simple spelling query algorithm;
  • Fixed a bug where complex words such as "Ben" were misjudged as emoji;
  • Fixed an error that triggered z Pinyin unexpectedly at the beginning of a capital Z;
  • Fixed some extreme cases of user Word string errors;
  • Fixed a Chinese candidate error in buffer with uppercase characters;
  • Fixed an error in some cases in which the input method was stuck in a double-spelling code。


  • This is an emergency fix,It fixes the 1.15 Some users in the version may not be able to initialize a drop-down IME error。


  • Backup entries are now in reverse order;
  • Updated the Thesaurus;
  • Updated the English word library;
  • Updated backup-related prompt content;
  • Optimized query efficiency of user thesaurus;
  • Optimized candidate Column Layout efficiency;
  • Fixed an invalid single-word frequency error;
  • Fixed an error in a particular case where the user's word was garbled.。


  • Fixed the error that the Blur sound does not work under the word;
  • The home and End buttons are no longer in effect when there is a candidate bar to avoid the wrong touch;
  • Now you can use the keypad area number to select the word;
  • Now you can use the keypad to return to the screen in English。


  • Fixed the error that the GB double spell does not display correctly;
  • Fixed the error that the candidate word frequency does not update in the case of continuous input;
  • Fixed the second choice three selection in Safari new tab that led to Cotton's error;
  • Method to enhance the stability of input;
  • Removed #行首 #行尾 The macro support。
    |- Developer View:These two macros are not useful--home and end on the keyboard are often invalid in some input boxes,Considering that the system is potentially globally jammed due to various compatibility issues,We removed this feature-this macro can still be identified by the MacOS input method.,But it's not going to work anymore.。


  • Built-in GB double spell;
  • Built-in star Key Road 6.2;
  • Built-in Key Road 6 solution;
  • Built-in Microsoft double Spell 2003 Standard Edition program;
  • Now super simple spell default off;
  • Now Z+pinyin better use it.;
  • Added Wubi common "Empty code space Empty buffer" function;
  • Now that you have exported your custom encoding, you have a successful hint.;
  • Now classic candidate colors no longer follow system color changes;
    |- Developer View:Since it's a classic,,Then keep the classics.,Considering the number of people who are required to return,It's back.。
  • Now you can customize the Chinese symbol map;
    |- Removed / also mapped to 、 The options;
    |- Removed the options for bracket substitution;
    |- Developer View:You can customize it anyway.,Theoretically any English symbol that can be typed with a keyboard can be customized to map。
  • Fine-tune the candidate bar color;
  • Increased compatibility for Code table input;
  • Optimized word candidate ordering;
  • Optimized setting interface logic;
  • Fine-tune Settings UI ;
  • Fixed the page-flipping icon after switching between black and white without changing the color of the error;
  • Fixed the first shift cannot switch between English and Chinese errors after pasting;
  • Fixed a logic error caused by a whole sentence optimization;
  • Fixed a potential logic error。


  • Emergency repair the wrong word frequency can not be recorded;
  • Emergency Repair candidate secondary error code tips lead to confusion;
    |- We have learned the wrong way words can ctrl + 1 deleted when the candidate appears by resetting the user dictionary or。


  • Update March to small waves 4.1;
    |- Using the corresponding code table of the user. Please choose what to update。
  • Now spelling display buffer may be a separate pilot symbols;
  • Now you can use #d #h #H #M #m #s To enter without 0 Date or time;
  • Enhance the stability of the recovery backup;
  • Enhance the user lexicon performance;
  • Enhance the efficiency of the implementation of the macro;
  • Optimizing the user lexicon memory logic;
  • For phrase macro,Now you can use ## To escape the # The;
  • Fixed an auxiliary codes interfere with the sentence error;
  • Fixed type a space after the English cause extra spaces error;
  • Fixed phrase macro certain numbers will 0 The beginning of the error。


  • Increase the vocabulary Jianpin;
  • Update March to small waves 4.0;
    |- Using the corresponding code table of the user. Please choose what to update。
  • Now the list of silent support for regular matches;
  • Now pocketed input method smarter;
  • Redesigned the Sino-British handover,Traditional and Simplified Tips for switching small box;
  • Fine-tune the color and layout candidate field;
  • Method to enhance the stability of input;
  • Enhance the performance of the algorithm sentence;
  • Fixed settings in the "General" and "Advanced" page has a "Buffer caps lock" error;
  • Fixed a bug "custom code" and "dot-dash guidance" setting can not be opened;
  • Fixed a bug individual switches on macro space planning point of failure;
  • Shielding the dot-dash macro MacVim to avoid jamming system。


  • Fine-tuning tips small window colors and fonts;
  • Now you can use the super jianpin in off the grid input method;
    |-[More Settings] can turn it off。
  • Enhance the stability of the macro;
  • Now pocketed input method can support Enter a keypad;
  • Now secondary codes increase the "secondary pure single" code table;
  • Fixed some areas 12 Hour resulting in garbled phrases macro error。


  • Now you can import and export local user thesaurus on macOS;
  • Now you can use on your keyboard pageUp with pageDown To the next page;
  • Now the user can separate the word save and switched depending on the program Larry;
    |- This update will reset the user dictionary to update the database structure。
  • Several word completion;
  • Optimized program interface;
  • Increasing the number of candidate words fuzzy sound results;
  • Fixed some cases the Safari address bar numbers selected candidate does not respond to the question;
    |- Part repair,Still does not respond correctly with the mouse double-click a candidate。


  • Now you can shortcut by [date] switch rq xq sj a shortcut;
  • Now you can switch alone / Yes / still isThe;
  • Now the number of cloud backup support Remarks;
  • Traditional reconstruction function,Now pocketed more accurate input method can output the contents of the Traditional;
  • Improved compatibility with various types of MarkDown input method editor;
  • Enhance the overall stability of the input method;
  • Jane can now output a complicated set out Jane [Traditional];
  • Jane lost out complex joined the new [now] no brain Traditional;
  • Jane lost out to remove the fan [options] Traditional Malaysia;
  • Removed orq oxq osj three fixed shortcuts;
  • Several supplementary word;
  • Now the same candidate highlighting color and highlight color systems;
  • Fixed a bug that could not be effective decline empty code correctly。


  • This update fixes 1.6 Version code empty downturn and by pegging code switch invalid error。


  • Update March Konami code table to 3.5;
  • Now enter the Chinese state / It will not be replaced The;
  • Now after losing input focus automatically clears the reset state;
  • Now is not on the screen next handover candidate bar style does not lead to the two candidates columns;
  • Now you can use the word Qian xi play;
  • Now you can play "Billy" with the tone of the chao;
  • Now custom coding can automatically scroll in the end part in the open;
  • Now custom code will automatically read the clipboard when you add a new entry;
  • Now custom coding editor better spent;
  • Now custom-coded code table support by introducing // To annotate code table line,note // To add the tab otherwise invalid;
  • Now custom code to support all custom macro commands [phrase] in the;
  • Now additional digital encoding of the normal access code table;
  • Fixed an error too many auxiliary code;
  • Fixed buffer [style] and set [] buffer display spelling errors conflicts;
  • Fixed-point plan guide can not always switch the default error。


  • Now pocketed input method can automatically correct the txt TXT to;
  • You can now open more candidates when too many candidates;
  • Now you can play the "hem" the word of;
  • Now z + pinyin spelling with normal query of the v。
  • Now the same "" behavior and systems;
  • Now "four yards vocabulary priority", a more accurate;
  • Now you can force the use of non-Qwerty Qwerty layout in the layout of the playing Larry;
    |- Thanks @stackia It provides dictionaries。
  • Now you can set the "Buffer style" of;
  • Fixed pinyinjiajia program zero initial processing error problem。


  • Fixed an issue "March auxiliary code" does not copy;
  • Fixed shadow candidate bar becomes a big problem;
  • Fixed an occasional candidate to win the cursor to highlight the problem;
  • Fixed an issue after extra coding to save the advanced options to customize out of order。


  • Now pocketed input macOS define non-letter keys to enter the buffer;
    |-Enter the advanced settings you need to sign into the buffer,Attention to the need in English。
  • Now you can choose to enable night pocketed input mode;
  • Now pocketed input may initiate automatic black bar system according to the candidate set;
    |-If you prefer white or black candidate field,Settings can be automatically turned off。
  • Get rid of the bug and groaning "Double-space enter a full stop" function;
    |- Designer point of view:This feature is commonly used on iOS,But get the cursor before the text is a complex process in macOS,After English and double-click the blank space automatically enter a full stop two conflicting functions,It retained only a。
  • Built-in 86 with 98 Version of Wubi code table;
  • 3 voice channel update key strokes to the code table 20171028;
  • Konami updated to March 3.2;
  • Now ctl not be recognized as a sentence;
  • Fixed bug some logic configuration interface;
  • Fixed an issue after switching tabs on the number of cloud content is not updated;
  • If repair some of the IDE automatically opens the box,It may be unable to enter the word problem;
  • Fixed an issue does not load after a silent list editing;
  • English candidate now smarter;
  • Updated emoji candidate pool。


  • Now after closing shift switch in English press ⇧ second choice would not have been closed;
  • Now Ben rare characters input sentence as such does not deal with the;
  • Now you can turn off non Larry code table "empty code to decline," the characteristics of the;
  • Now the direction key is not recognized as the key combination of the error;
  • Now ⇧ no longer be recognized as a text;
  • Now you can use (beng) play "Beng" the;
  • Larry uses a new format configuration program,Smaller、Read more;
  • Fixed an issue where the individual can not be fuzzy phonetic sounds;
  • Fixed an issue where z + pinyin candidate insufficiency。


  • This update fixes 1.2 One-letter coding custom question failure。
  • ————————
  • Prevent you from 1.1 upgrade,The following are 1.2 Update log:
  • Now the secondary code can prompt the end of the word;
  • Now you can customize the location of coding to ensure that the;
  • Now shift will not conflict with other shortcuts;
  • Now the digital processing more chicken thief;
  • Update Now pocketed input method without having to log off or restart the (next time);
  • Now open the settings window for the first time be able to display a normal size;
  • Now dotted guide can correctly handle the continuous macro;
  • Now you can use the word huohuohuohuo play Yi;
  • Now you can play the Ge (give) The sound of;
  • Now you can play ? (e) The;
  • Now you can play Yi (yi) the word;
  • Now you can play riverbank (si) the word;
  • Secondary dual code now better use;
  • Fixed number of days remaining authorization interface displays the wrong question;
  • Larry Daniel updated code table to 2.2_20171006;
  • Update key tone pen to channel 3 20171006。

Early version

Here input method version you can download off the grid past installation package,Please note that the old version is no longer receive technical support:

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