Pocketed input iOS version Log


  • Optimize the code structure;
  • Update Touch Message Processing Engine to v2;
  • Optimize new touch engine compatibility;
  • Add built-in to good five-pen code table。


  • Optimize the shortcut phrase interface;
  • Fix color mismatches in Day One for quick phrase interfaces when locking black mode;
  • The sort logic of a single word when optimizing blur or double-flattening;
  • Optimize de-heavy algorithms,Increased candidate refresh efficiency;
  • Fixes errors where the keyboard works properly after popping up but the keys do not respond;
  • Now the word breaker algorithm can be split according to different languages;
  • Improves keyboard stability;
  • Optimized logic for restoring backups,Improve the overall stability of recovery backup operations;
  • Migratto to Swift 5。


  • Fix an unexpected error on the screen letter after moving the cursor in no-engraving mode;
  • Added built-in 98 86 Classic Five Code table;
  • Fixed a emoji candidate under black skin that might show no errors;
  • Now IOS 12.1 The following version of IOS system Emoij candidate does not display a question mark;
  • Now double-click the space after English to enter the period function will automatically enter English points and spaces;
  • Move cursor SHIFT key to display exception error when fixing uppercase lock;
  • Fix errors that enter the Jiugong lattice symbol keyboard and then exit the back lattice and enter key that may be unusual。


  • Now the Drop Input method pops up more smoothly.;
  • Now the keyboard is more stable.;
  • Optimized the underlying logic of custom encoding;
  • Import contacts now to automatically overwrite the last import;
  • Export custom encoding now automatically skips contact entries;
  • |- As a result of changing the data structure of a custom encoding,The keyboard may not be able to read the old entry directly,Please back up in advance;
  • |- It doesn't matter if you don't back up.,You can automatically import old entries by opening the app anyway.;
  • |- But you'd better back it up.,Case。
  • Keyboard feedback is clearer now when you move the cursor;
  • Now the custom encoding is separate from the custom encoding of X.;
  • Fixed an error with an invalid screen on a simple empty code;
  • Fixed an error in some cases of reading text encoding garbled code;
  • Improved compatibility of inline buffer;
  • Improves the overall performance of the keyboard;
  • Fixes an error that fails after the secondary code is moved in some cases;
  • Optimized candidate Logic。


  • Fixed an error where the logarithmic cloud might eject an "unauthorized" reminder after authorization;
  • Now emoji candidates can show more candidates.;
  • Fixed an error with an import error encoding code table that could cause a memory overflow;
  • Fixed an error where the "empty code directly on screen" did not work correctly when using the Code table;
  • Optimized for IOS 12.1 "New" in emoji。


  • Demo video to fix the gloss and efficiency pack;
  • Added a number of three overlapping quick input support;
  • Now the emoji in the candidate bar is normal to read under VoiceOver.;
  • Fixed an error where the Buffer was not emptied correctly when the input symbol was entered。
  • Now IOS 11 The new emoji has been merged into each category.;
  • Added additional emoji to the new version;
  • Update Evergreen Five to 2.65 Version;
  • Update 091 To 1810;
  • Fixed the error of English candidate missing on screen when the Mount Code table and blank。


  • For IOS 12 has been updated;
  • Migrated to Swift 4.2;
  • Fixed an error where the keyboard did not automatically return after dragging 123 shortcut gestures in some cases;
  • Now press the earth and switch the keyboard without accidentally moving the cursor.;
  • Now turn off the long press after the keyboard no longer interrupts the move cursor to recognize the;
  • Optimized symbol and emoji interface;
  • Optimized kernel processing logic;
  • Built-in 95 first generation 。


  • Fixed an overflow error in a simple spelling query algorithm;
  • Fixed a bug where complex words such as "Ben" were misjudged as emoji;
  • Improved candidate column efficiency;
  • Fixed two underlying algorithm errors;
  • Now the whole sentence is smarter.。


  • Added an additional measure to check for old user authorization;
  • Keyboard layout When fine-tuning the horizontal screen;
  • Updated the Thesaurus;
  • Added the Gathen button on the "Exchange Forum" page;
  • Fixed the efficiency expansion pack must be networked to keep activation error;
  • Fixed UI errors for the internal purchase interface。


  • Now it's not easy to make a mistake.;
  • Konami updated to March 4.2
  • Updated the Thesaurus;
  • Updated the English word library;
  • Corrected a copy of the content that prompted the user to confuse the backup;
  • Fixed log cloud Details page content default does not start at the top of the error;
  • A number of improvements to the UI。


  • Now you can choose the symbol in the long press explosion.;
  • Updated the Star Key road 6.2 The Code table;
  • Fixed a semicolon does not show bubbles error。


  • Fix the BACKSPACE key with no engraved mode still engraved error;
  • Fixed the error that the Blur sound does not work under the word;
  • Fixed a bug in which a pure macro point was dropped in a handful of apps causing the previous character to be deleted;
  • Now the "clear" button on the Post-it note interface is no longer easily mistaken.。


– Now the long press ENTER soft return can be compatible with more input boxes。

– Improved keyboard stability for multiple interface transitions。

– Fixed the error of not checking the Code table when the blank screen + code table;
– Fixed the error that caused the highlight mismatch when the cell candidate was selected for the empty-word mode;
– Fixed the bug where the ipad turned into a "falling input method";
– Fixed the automatically updated skin after edit dot stroke The macro is represented as # of errors。


– Now you can switch the keyboard layout in "more" keyboard layouts.;
|- The Dvorak keyboard layout moved from the drop lab to the keyboard layout。
– Now you can open the QWERTY layout with a semicolon in the keyboard layout.;
– Now Lenovo has a symbol.;
– Now the drop pad can lock the input box.;
|- This feature is managed in the "drop notes" of the Efficiency expansion pack。
– Now the double spell editor also supports semicolons.;
– Now the skin also supports semicolons.;
– Now the shortcut phrase remembers the last selected category.;
– Now super simple spell default off;
|- Developer View:This feature has caused a great deal of trouble to many entry-level users ...
– Now Z+pinyin better use it.。

– Built-in star Key Road 6.2 Code table;
– Built-in Key Road 6 solution;
– Built-in Microsoft double Spell 2003 Standard Edition program;
– Built-in GB double spell;
– Built-in Key Road 6、GB double Spell、Microsoft double Spell 2003 Standard version of the hint skin;
– Improved keyboard performance;
– Optimized word candidate ordering;
– Optimized keyboard UI Transition animation;
– Optimizes the whole sentence result。

– Fixed a logic error caused by a whole sentence optimization;
– Fixed a small error in optimizing the whole sentence effect;
– Fixed an error in some cases where the expression page could not remember the shortcut phrase classification;
– Fixed error importing file Flash from other app;
– Fixed the error that inline buffer occasionally causes the carriage return button text to bounce;
– Fix the error of changing the shift button to white in some cases;
– Fixed a space-only move cursor causing the next keystroke to be invalid;
– Fixed a potential logic error;
– Fixed log cloud download configuration variable binary error;
– Fixed a whole sentence learning logic error。


– [Add a new expansion pack off the grid efficiency];
|- The new expansion pack contains a shortcut phrase classification support,Users can customize Catalog Quick phrase;
|- Also contains a quick little note on the keyboard function,Record quick notes can be found in the phrase "sticky notes" category。
– Konami updated to March 4.1
|- Using the corresponding code table to update the user re-introduced。
– Now you can use #d #h #H #M #m #s To enter without 0 Date or time;
– Now take effect automatically when the space on the screen only in Chinese;
– Now fast-volume phrases can choose to delete the;
– For VoiceOver,symbol、Emoji expression and can now be typed in touch;
– For VoiceOver,Now do not touch the button to switch keyboard typed;
– For phrase macro,Now you can use ## To escape the # The;
– The Fast phrase smaller font size;
– Tips for Buying will now resume "not recoverable buy" the。

– Enhance the efficiency of the implementation of the macro;
– Enhance the user lexicon performance;
– Now the user lexicon smarter;
– Now more sensitive vibration keys、Feel even better!
– Now close the one-handed keyboard button is no longer easy to inadvertently the;
– IPad can now also use the time back;
– Now the native keyboard color more;
– Fine-tuning the number of cloud upload interface。

– Now spelling display buffer may be a separate pilot symbols;
– Fixed input symbols and numerals may be repeated in some cases wrong;
– Fixed occasional one-handed keyboard Close button does not change the black and white error;
– Fixed an error after the user deletes the word candidate does not immediately refresh;
– Fixed phrase macro certain numbers will 0 The beginning of the error。
– Fixed an auxiliary codes interfere with the sentence error;
– Fixed type a space after the English cause extra spaces error;
– Fixed VoiceOver does not read the backspace delete the word error;
– Fixed a potential cause quick phrase in the low-capacity device is lost Error。



– Now you can use the input method from the cold of winter, [the] time back;
|- Designated by Enter key left to return time;
|- From the cold of winter, author of the law to authorize py。
– Update March to small waves 4.0;
|- Using the corresponding code table of the user. Please choose what to update。
– Now there is an additional one-hand mode button to exit the;
– Now custom phrase smoother the switch。


– Optimized keyboard symbol display;
– Increase the vocabulary Jianpin;
– Enhance the performance of the algorithm sentence;
– Now pocketed input method smarter;
– Colorful Keyboard now fewer effects reset;
– Now off the grid in a more natural input method animation。


– Enter the squared numeric keypad under repair free app fish backspace cause unexpected errors。


– Now you can turn on the [More Options] in [the] bold choice;
– Colorful Keyboard now start faster the;
– Now you can use the super jianpin in off the grid input method;
|- You can also can turn it off in [more] options in。
– Now the keypad interface may also move the cursor to the left and right slide;
– Added pure single minor version March auxiliary code and barcode of calf;
– English is now more intelligent the candidate。

– Enhance the stability of the macro;
– Fine-tune the keyboard interface;
– Optimize the system lexicon;
– Several word completion;
– Try to optimize the mechanism。

– Fixed some areas 12 Hour resulting in garbled phrases macro error;
– Fixed individual cases can not be saved word frequency error。


– Now you can add notes to a backup;
– Symbol Library adds, "money" and "gender" Two Categories;
– Now the user can separate the word save and switched depending on the program Larry;
|-In order to update the database,Existing word frequency data will be cleared。
– Update March to small waves 3.6;
|-Using the corresponding code table to update the user re-introduced。
– Custom-coded editing interface is now better spent。

– Increasing the number of candidate words fuzzy sound results;
– Completion of a number of multi-tone words and uncommon words;
– Improved text replacement system compatibility;
– Now the volume occupied by the small number of keyboard;
– Increased stability when using code table;
– Colorful keyboard optimized configuration interface;
– UI interface optimized keyboard。

– Fixed net off case Colorful packet loss Authorization error;
– Fixed a bug that in some cases failed to import contacts flash back;
– Now smart tips complicated word normally shows the black skin。



– [Added] off the grid expansion pack Colorful additional purchase option;
– Now pocketed keyboard input method can display the correct width on the old app!
– Now you can shortcut by [date] switch rq xq sj a shortcut;
– Traditional reconstruction function,Now pocketed more accurate input method can output the contents of the Traditional;
– Jane can now output a complicated set out Jane [Traditional];
– Jane lost out complex joined the new [now] no brain Traditional;
– Jane lost out to remove the fan [options] Traditional Malaysia。


– Enhance the stability of the keyboard in Bear;
– Enhance compatibility pocketed input keyboard;
– Enhance the performance of the keyboard;
– Removed orq oxq osj three fixed shortcuts;
– Increasing the number of missing word。


– Now move the cursor only on the [space] will not blink after the open spaces;
– Fixed a potential could lead to accidental loss of custom coding errors;
– Fixed errors in individual color icon is missing;
– Fixed a few small mistakes on the keyboard UI。


– You can now open more candidates up!
– Update March Konami code table to 3.5;
– Updated lose a fan of simple conversion thesaurus;
– Now one-hand mode by again pressing the corresponding letters long closed;
– Now one-handed mode can be saved at the next exhalation;
– Now custom-coded code table support by introducing // To annotate code table line,note // To add the tab otherwise invalid;
– Now custom code to support all custom macro commands [phrase] in the;
– Now custom coding editor better spent;
– Now enter the squared numeric keypad will automatically prompt the;
– Now close the keyboard, press [Edit] can enter after the right hand mode;
– Now pocketed input method can automatically correct TXT for txt The。

– Now you can use the word Qian xi play;
– Now you can play "Billy" with the tone of the chao;
– Now you can play the "hem" the word of;
– Fine-tune the horizontal screen keyboard interface;
– Lenovo optimized the process of domain name;
– Reconstruction of the mobile phone device model detection method;
– Reconstruction of the built-in display mode Forum。

– Now z + pinyin spelling with normal query of the v;
– Now the forum is not built in some cases can not show;
– Fixed a bug in the following versions iOS10 skin macro symbol can not be displayed;
– Fixed a bug that unexpected vibration of the main exit code table;
– Fixed "Close emoji expression" and "off emoji candidate" switch swaps the actual function of the error;
– Fixed Enter button does not change the text of the error some cases;
– M missing initials problem of repair editing program;
– [Fix] Custom dotted guide UI interface style inconsistent error;
– Bug fixes iPad open forum;
– Fixed a smiley face into the expression that was not the top word of the error;
– Fixed pinyinjiajia program zero initial processing errors。


– Now you can long press a and l (Dvorak Simplified Keyboard is a and s) to temporarily start the one-handed keyboard!
– Now you can "more settings", change the display style in Buffer;
|- Style changes to take effect the same Inline Buffer。
|- "Buffer style" is included in the "default style" "style spelling" and "semi-detached style"。
– Now you can directly edit Larry programs that already exist in the pocketed input method;
– Now iPad keyboard has a separate "hide keyboard" button up;
– Now you can "off the grid laboratory" in the open "double fault tolerant mode" to open a unique "double" keyboard!
|- Double mode does not support the old format Larry program profiles;
|- Stopwatch mode does not support a double bond。

– Optimize the performance drag gesture input symbols;
– It adds an icon;
– Now you can use the macro "# next keyboard" to switch the keyboard;
– Now you can use the macro "# symbol library" one-touch access to the symbol library;
– Larry now create custom programs to support the initials;
– Now dotted contents to determine more precisely the macro;
– Now use a special symbol next to the macro;
– Removed the "Buffer display spelling" switch。

– Now edit point plan will be automatically prompted to update the skin;
– Now point plan to support the space of the selected word;
– Now shift the second choice will automatically shut down when the space selected word;
– Now after locking caps will no longer automatically spaces;
– Repair the skin select "dotted prompt" question does not automatically return after;
– Fixed an issue Dvorak keyboard mode space anomaly on the iPad。


– Now you can turn off "spaces confirmation" to open up the space of the selected word;
– Now pocketed white keyboard input method can be locked up;
– Now you can select the input method pocketed traditional language "Jane lost a fan" of the。

– Reset button optimizes the repair page color;
– Fine-tuning the digital keyboard interface。

– Now temporarily modify the height of the keyboard does not lead to dislocation of the keyboard;
– Now under normal VoiceOver keyboard pops up;
– Now the phone is insufficient space left keyboard will not lose the configuration;
– Now ctl not be recognized as a sentence;
– Now double-click shift can ring twice;
– Now shift icon does not occasionally disappear;
– Fixed an issue iPhone 6s and other equipment keyboard letter occasionally misplaced。


– Off the grid now supports iOS input method 11.1 The new emoji!
– Adds two icons;
– Konami updated to March 3.2;
|-Using the corresponding code table to update the user re-introduced。
– 3 voice channel update key strokes to the code table 20171028;
|-Using the corresponding code table to update the user re-introduced。
– Double-space will now enter a period of English in the English mode。

– Now reverse lookup only displays the first found in the secondary code,Not too long;
– Now the candidate character pitch more comfortable;
– English candidate now smarter;
– Optimized keyboard layout logic;
– Jiugongge numeric keypad optimized performance;
– Performance Optimization pop-up keyboard;
– IPad keyboard optimized performance。

– now at 0 On the plan will not accidentally typing "hide keyboard" like a;
– Now the keyboard on the lower version of iOS normal rotation put away;
– Now ipad can successfully replace the input method icon;
– Now fast typing on the screen when the top word on the screen does not repeat;
– Now spaces and carriage returns fonts no longer so big;
– Now wildcard candidate display no longer results in the incomplete;
– Now double-click the shift lock up capital will no longer Caton;
– Now play the keyboard does not come out of a little jam;
– Fixed an issue Click buffer can not respond;
– Fixed an issue in some cases the pop-up keyboard whiteboard;
– Fixed auto-spacing is not valid in the non-space problem on the screen。


– Now pocketed more native keyboard input the;
– There are now off the grid using the guidelines of the input method!
– Now you can turn off non Larry code table "empty code to decline," the characteristics of the;
– Now you can turn on the auxiliary code tips;
– Now you can play Ai (ai) a;
– Now you can use (beng) play "Beng" the;
– Now you can play ? (e);
– Now enter multi-word combinations of rare characters are not treated as a sentence;
– Now enter the English mode spacebar will appear as "Space" the;
– Now you can customize the location of coding to ensure that the;
– Reclassification of the function switch;
– Larry uses a new format configuration program,Smaller、Read more;
|-Program is fully compatible with the old configuration,Currently app in the built-in configuration has been updated,You can download the reference;
|-app configuration created or old format,The next version update。

– Trimming the horizontal screen height offset;
– Designed to separate the bubbles pop landscape。

– Now shift will not be recognized as a text;
– Now the keyboard in landscape not a particularly wide;
– Now a small planet and the backspace key prompted the next VO;
– Now the keyboard zxc rows and rows of aligned asdf;
– Now enter the correct punctuation may trigger the association;
– Fixed an issue where z + pinyin candidate insufficiency;
– Fixed a few rare characters garbled problems pegging;
– Fixed an issue where the individual can not be fuzzy phonetic sounds;
– Fixes in iOS 9 Off the grid problem can not switch the input method small keyboard on Earth series。


– Now "Deploying thesaurus" no longer covers the entire keyboard;
– Now the keyboard no longer show up in the small Earth the only keyboard;
|- IOS only 11 And above。
– Now adjust the keyboard height to their default values ​​have feedback suggests;
– Now you're in iPhone 7 The above equipment can feel the More Actions feedback;
– Now iPhone 7 Above key support vibrate! (Enabled by default;
|- You can turn off the key vibration in the laboratory alone pocketed only dotted with vibration。
– "Dotted vibration" renamed "button vibration";
– Now the keyboard pops up on most of the devices are no longer Caton;
|- Individual equipment still Caton,Upstream bug and performance regardless of the genus。
– Secondary dual code now better use;
– Now that the project moved to Swift 4。

– Larry Daniel updated code table to 2.2_20171006;
|-Daniel Larry stopwatch users. Please choose what to import to update the code table。
– Update key tone pen to channel 3 20171006;
|-3 voice channel key pen user reselect the code table to update the code table Import。
– Now you can play riverbank (si) the word;
– Now you can play Yi (yi) the word;
– Now you can use the word huohuohuohuo play Yi;
– Now you can play Ge ge the tone of the;
– Optimizing the startup process。

– Now the keyboard can correctly identify a digital interface;
– From now on 8 、 6 with 0 Correctly identified as the emoji;
– Repair the open "only to move the cursor on the space" after the dot-dash led to the first click of the button problem invalid;
– Fixed an issue in the case of hard disk fills almost the keyboard may be missing codes table;
|- On some devices may still be cleared,Please free up space occupied as appropriate。
– Now dotted guide can correctly handle the continuous macro;
– Now after opening squared numeric keypad can also correct on the screen buffer;
– Enter now the fast will not accidentally think of the screen。