It supports up to 13 Languages;

4 Total different lengths 33 Beautifully sound alert;

Support complete with dark skin fit iPhone X;




“ ”

"perfectly worked,Simple UI won my heart。”

Well I just passers-by

"great,Come on! "

by 忄曲 义乄 e

"Almighty memo。”

by passing an anonymous user

"Easy to use software。”

by blvebird

"Simple and beautiful。”

by large woodchuck


Pocketed locket with photos can remind you;
You can also remind you video;
You can also remind you with sound recording;
--of course,Certainly can also remind you in words。

fast、Interestingly create your reminder。

As simple as alarm clock。

Card browsing、Manage your reminders。

You can also set the cycle is repeated reminders。

Up to 4 Tone length sections are never tired of the kind of time!

Custom reminder time delay,Or say tomorrow。

Done reminders 30 Automatically deleted days - my mother no longer have to worry about my expired remind a lot of friends ~


[New] to specify the phone to remind,At a specified time to remind you to call someone ~

The new notes a key feature allowing you to create permanent preservation of notes,And as a reminder,Writing、image、video、All recordings can yo ~

More commendable is,The new notes and reminders random switching,Click [Edit] button,Click the bottom to save notes or reminders can immediately switch state!

All features

– Black and white theme freely switch;
– Timed Reminder prescribed date,Available text、image、Video and audio content as a reminder;
– Any month or week cycle remind,Available text、image、Video and audio content as a reminder;
– Available text、image、Video recording and saved as notes;
– A key switch notes and reminders;
– Up to 4 The length of time the kinds of alerts Ring tones;
– Done reminders 30 Days are automatically deleted;
– Create reminders for calls。



Q:How do I set a reminder only sounds nothing?
A:Congratulations, you found the eggs - no text to add a reminder,By then there will be only notification sound。- So the solution is to give your notice to write content Kazakhstan;

Q:Is it compatible with IPhone X?

Q:Is there a communication group?
A:QQ Group 208721443

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