Falling Studios - Double "Eggs" 7 Discount!

From Christmas 🎄️ to New Year's Day 🏮️, 1223rd of The month – 1Month 3 Day 7 Discount 🎉️!


note:Falling Input Method X's Double Egg Specials for New and New Users,Direct subscriptions are charged for new users during the event 118 Yuan per year;Older users may need to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to get offers,Apple officials didn't give any indication.,We are not sure at this time whether old users can immediately pay for the next year by unsubscribe and renewing,But if it's an old user who expires during the event,,You can automatically 118 Dollar price renewal next year。

After the event,Down input method X's annual subscription price will be unified "price increase" back to the original 168 Year,At that time the client will have a price change prompt,NotMalicious price increases,Is the recovery standard price。